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LookRev branch

LookRev Branch

Using smart contract as the infrastructure, LookRev creates an ecosystem, where product makers can collaborate with other people and grow their new product lines.

Each LookRev branch uses a ledger to record the contributions that people made to that branch, and distribute rewards to the contributors periodically.

This remove the concern regarding the compensation, building a trustless system for collaboration, creating the foundation for product creators to collaborate with other people.

LookRev uses smart contracts to automatically record the contributions that people made to the branches every day, and automatically distribute rewards to the contributors every week (for some branches - every month).

Each branch has its own rewards ledger, rewards fund pool and uses a separate smart contract.

Each LookRev branch grows like a tree branch. It starts from the growth phase, when a new product line is created but has no sell. It enters the mature phase when people start buying products from the product line. It grows into the parent phase when it grows out child branches.

At the growth phase, LookRev foundation funds the rewards fund pool with $LOOK tokens and a limited amount of $USDT. The amount of the rewards distribution is based on the phase of the branch as well as the level of contributions people made to the branch.

At the mature phase, a portion of the profit received from selling the products of the branch is automatically distributed to the contributors.

A branch can grow child branches. When a child branch distributes rewards, 10% of the distribution is automatically distributed to its parent branch. So it is beneficial to the parent branch to grow child branches when it is ready.

Contributors to a branch can vote and refines the rules of the branch that they are contributing to. The rules of the branches are governed by the smart contracts, and are automatically executed when distributing rewards.

A branch only grows when people are making real contributions to the branch, and the growth is visible to all the contributors of that branch. Other contributors can alert LookRev team if they notice that a contributor is making fake contributions to the branch. Once verified, the contributor who is making the fake contributions will be banned from receiving rewards from all LookRev branches.

LookRev branch a trustless system, that don’t require people to trust each other, but have the trust that they will be rewarded by playing fair with each other, and contribute to the community.

People can use the LookRev referral program and contribute to the LookRev branches. The details are posted at https://lookscoin.com/rewards/.

People can contribute to LookRev telegram shilling rewards program by joining our telegram group at https://t.me/LooksCoinShill.

Genesis Product Branches


Custom Design Silk Scarfs

LookRev Product Branch #1

Open the silk scarf virtual outfit catalog in app, custom design the scarfs. Share your design with friends, and send the photos with your BEP20 wallet address to https://t.me/LooksCoinShill for rewards.


Create Your Own Textile Catalog

LookRev Product Branch #2

Open the app, click on Create My Catalog button, and create your own textile catalog. Share your design with friends, and send the photos with your BEP20 wallet address to https://t.me/LooksCoinShill for rewards.

$LOOK Exchanges ( Binance Smart Chain )

$LOOK (BEP20) Contract: 0x73cba57ad8bc775a5345d9a0de2e90c74621d802


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How To Buy $LOOK


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