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LooksCoin Rewards Program

LookReferral and LooksCoinRewards Program

LooksCoin project uses smart contracts to automatically record the contributions that people made to the branches every day, and automatically distribute rewards to the contributors every week.

For the LooksCoinShill Telegram rewards program, the rewards are distributed every month.

Referral Program

Use your BEP20 wallet address (or short wallet address) as your referral ID

You can use your wallet address as your referral ID, and earn $LOOK and USDT for your marketing efforts. Simply add your wallet address to the end of the urls on https://lookscoin.com using the ref= tag and share the links in your posts.

For example, https://lookscoin.com/nft/25/?ref=0xYourWalletAddress is in the correct format as a referral link.

App Referral Program

Share Outfit Links Using your Referral ID via LookRev Apps

Download Fashion LookRev app to find fashion and jewelry products that you like, and send the outfit links to your friends using the app.

Download Art LookTry app to find and share artistic products that you like to your friends.

Your referral ID is automatically generated in the apps. You earn credits when other people clicked and used the outfit links that you shared with them.

Use the Dashboard in the apps to view your app referral ID and progress.

Use Referral Link In Apps

Connect your wallet address to your username

You can register your BEP20 wallet address to your social media username, and use your username (or short wallet address) as your referral ID.

Rewards Schedule

★ Referral credits are automatially recorded when your referral links are clicked and used by other people.

★ Referral rewards are distributed every week using smart contracts. Each branch has its own rewards pool.

★ The amount of the rewards distributed at each batch depends on the amount of contributions received in the batch. We increase the rewards when more people contribute to the branch and make more contributions to the branch.

LooksCoin Shill Campaign:

Join #LooksCoinRewards Voting and Shill Campaign

★ Shilling rewards are distributed every month using smart contracts (+/- 3 days).

★ Earn 1 $LOOK for each verified click-through received from your referral links.

★ Share a $20 USDT branch rewards pool for each batch.

★ Earn more rewards by reaching the goals set for each batch, posted in the LooksCoinShill group.

★ Earn more rewards by inviting people to join our community.

Reach the goal for this batch to receive 20% more USDT rewards:

★ Get 20 more retweets for the pinned post of @LooksCoin on Twitter (X.com).

★ Gain 100 new members for the r/LooksCoin on Reddit.com

We encourage you to share your ideas and feedback with us. We reward people who make valuable suggestions to us with $LOOK. Please send a direct message to our team if you have any good ideas or feedback that you would like to share with us.

LooksCoin Shill Campaign Rules:

• Submit one screenshot for each upvote or shared promo post in the LooksCoinShill group.

• Submit the valid links of your retweets of @LooksCoin's tweets.

• If the total upvote numbers do not match the screenshots, we will reduce the rewards.

• Maximum 300 $LOOK per person, per batch.

• Up to 20% USDT rewards received by a person.

• No spam.