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LooksCoin Rewards Program

LooksCoin Rewards Program Upgrade

November, 2023

LookRev is a blockchain based marketplace for creative products.

LooksCoin uses blockchain technology, automating the registration, contribution and payment process of creative assets, and helping people collaborate and build success using their creativity.

Collaboration is at the heart of business life.

The number one benefit of LooksCoin is that it empowers people to make money on what they want to produce. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people create income for themselves, collaborate and build a trusting relationship with people they have never met.

Blockchain radically transforms many facets of business life, especially in collaboration. The technical design of blockchain makes it virtually impossible for anyone to change the contents of the ledger without approval from the other parties.

The LooksCoin ledger records the sources and effectiveness of people’s contributions to the project automatically, using referral codes. People who made more effective contributions receive more credits on the ledger.

$LOOK rewards are periodically distributed to people based on the credits recorded on the LooksCoin ledger, using smart contracts and blockchain technology. The distributions are also recorded on blockchain, and are made verifiable and tamper-proof.

Starting from next month, the LooksCoin Rewards distribution will be handled using our automatic rewards system. We will monitor and compare the distribution results with the manual process that we have used for the last two years. And we will send out updates to people who are actively making contributions to the project.

We encourage you to share your ideas and feedback with us. We reward people who make valuable suggestions to us with $LOOK. Please send a direct message to our team if you have any good ideas or feedback that you would like to share with us.

Find out how to get LooksCoin rewards at LooksCoin Rewards Program.