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August 12th, 2021

On 12th of August 2021, LooksCoin conducted an AMA in the Whale Blockchain Enthusiast. The guest is Grace Tang, Founder of LooksCoin and LookRev.

The LooksCoin team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included Project introduction, and a live AMA session with the WBE community.

WBE: Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background in the blockchain space and LookRev.

Thank you for inviting me to this AMA with Whale Blockchain Enthusiast Group. I’m very excited to be here. I’m Grace Tang, founder of LooksCoin and LookRev. Here are a few highlights about me:

∙ I have worked for many fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and Spirent Communications, before I founded my startups.

∙ I have been working on marketing technology for many years, and have a deep experience in the business field.

LookRev entered the blockchain space in 2017.

What is LookRev?

LookRev is a P2P design-to-sell marketplace where people can hold tokenized ownership of product lines using NFTs, share ongoing profits and contribute to earn credits.

What does LookRev do?

The LookRev design and marketing tool helps consumers co-design products and find the right product-market-fit. It assists the development of high-quality creative products.

Who does LookRev help?

The concept of job employment has changed. People want opportunities to work and make money on their terms. People want to generate good income and have long-term growth potential. LookRev P2P marketplace offers that opportunity.

How does LookRev help?

In the LookRev P2P marketplace, a creative line may have hundreds of contributors, including designers, product makers, distributors and marketers, each contributing in their own way to the creation, production and sale of creative products, and each sharing the profits from the sales.

Because the tokenized ownership is secured by the blockchain network and the profit sharing is conducted using smart contracts, people don’t have to worry about being left out of the profit distribution. This builds a trustworthy foundation for collaboration.

Lookrev helps people generate income from their contribution and has long-term growth potential.

WBE: What features does LooksCoin offer to users and can you explain them?

LooksCoin (LOOK) is a functional utility token, which can be used to earn credits for contribution, purchase goods and services on the LookRev marketplace, vote for branch decisions and purchase LOOKNFT and more.

The ownership of product lines are tokenized as NFT collectibles, which LOOKNFT holders use to hold tokenized ownership of product lines, share ongoing profits and contribute to earn credits.

LOOKNFT is in compliance with ERC721 standards, and can be stored in any DeFi wallet as an NFT token. LOOKNFT owners can sell it at NFT marketplaces or list it for sell at LooksCoin marketplace, in exchange for BNB or stable coins.

WBE: What is the advantage of having $LOOK and LOOKNFT? Please explain what they do.

Advantages of LOOKNFT

LOOKNFT Increases in Value with Time

In the same way that each leaf on a branch is unique, each LOOKNFT has a unique tokenID and holds a unique position on a product line.

The value of a product line grows with time as more creative products are made and sold. So does the value of its LOOKNFT tokens.

LOOKNFT holds its base value, and continuously increases in value with time. NFT owners also receive regular profit sharing, so it is a good source of passive income.

It is unique.

LOOKNFT is a unique NFT collectible and offers unique investment opportunities.

It is scalable and offers continuous growth opportunities.

Like a branch on a tree, it grows with time. A branch can grow sub-branches and leaves. When there are more sales, each LOOKNFT owner shares more profits.

It is flexible.

LOOKNFT owners enjoy the benefits of collaborative efforts from all the contributors to their branch. By putting in more effort, they receive more profit sharing.

It stores value.

LOOKNFT holds the value of its owner’s stake in a creative product line. The tokenized NFT ownership ensures that they get their share of profits from the future sales.

Where to buy?

You can find, buy and sell LOOKNFT at the LooksCoin marketplace.

WBE: Can you explain the security side of LooksCoin’s market? Is connecting a Wallet to the LooksCoin app safe for our assets?

We have put into a lot of effort into making LooksCoin’s market secure and safe to use. We use the original libraries provided by wallet providers, and follow their safety guidelines.

The LooksCoin app provides a UI, and helps users to select the product and LOOKNFT that they want to purchase. Users use their MetaMask wallet to sign the transactions. We do not store the users’ private data on our servers. Transactions are encrypted on the browser and protected via users’ MetaMask password. 

The transactions are sent to the blockchain BSC and processed by the smart contract. For example, when users use BNB to purchase LOOK tokens in the LooksCoin market, the smart contract processes the transaction, converts BNB into LOOK tokens and deposits the LOOK tokens directly into users’ MetaMask wallets. The process is usually completed in about 30 seconds. Users will be able to verify the transaction results using the BSC explorer at bscscan.com. What you see is what you get.

WBE: Defi, NFTs and Memes are very interesting and are starting to be in great demand. Can you share your opinion on this? What steps are already being taken towards the future progress of LookRev?

Yes, Defi, NFTs and Memes are going to be in great demand, and are bringing a lot of opportunities to the world.

In general, people are more aware of their individuality, and people want to translate that uniqueness into value. Whether it is a unique piece of digital artwork or a unique moment captured via Meme, people are beginning to be aware that they have value, and people want to cash in on that value.

The LookRev P2P marketplace provides a place where people can use their uniqueness to create value, and build wealth on top of that.

Each creative product line is unique, and each LOOKNFT is unique. Consumers help co-design the product and create unique sellable products. People hold tokenized ownership of the unique product lines, so that they can receive the benefits and the financial rewards that come out of their unique creativity. It is a win-win solution.

LookRev is poised to create a great positive impact in the years to come, and we have been preparing for this moment for many years.

LookRev is a multi-platform project and has many apps. The creative product lines are integrated in the iOS apps, namely the Fashion LookRev app and the Art LookTry app. Users can use the design templates in the apps to co-design products and share their designs with other people. People can contribute to a product line and earn rewards by referring creative products to other people. LookRev Android apps are being updated to keep pace with the iOS apps.

LOOK and LOOKNFT can be purchased in the LooksCoin marketplace. LooksCoin already has more than 12,000+ coin holders and is becoming a high potential token that stores value and grows in value at the same time.

Get your LOOKNFT today, and take ownership of your future.

WBE: Please explain the $LOOK financial ecosystem. Will there be a buyback or burning of the token supply?

We have created an ecosystem for LOOK and LOOKNFT.

You can swap LOOK into LOOKNFT, or you can buy LOOKNFT.

You can find, buy and sell LOOKNFT at the LooksCoin marketplace.

When you sell the LOOKNFT you own, you can list it at your own price. You can sell it for native tokens (BNB on BSC), or let buyers swap it with stable coins (BUSD, WETH), or other cryptocurrencies, directly in the marketplace.

You can also use LOOK to purchase products in the LooksCoin marketplace.

WBE: Almost 80% investors have just focused on the price of token in the short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token for the long term?

That is a very good question.

LOOKNFT Increases Value with Time

The same way that each leaf on a branch is unique, each LOOKNFT has a unique tokenID and holds a unique position on a product line.

The value of a product line grows with time, as more creative products are made and sold. So does the value of its LOOKNFT tokens.

LOOKNFT holds its base value and continuously increases in value with time. NFT owners also receive regular profit sharing, so it is a good source of passive income.

Investors usually want to build an investment portfolio that includes both short-term investments and long-term investments. Is Apple’s stock a short-term investment or a long-term investment? It is both. So is LOOKNFT.

WBE: Which one of these aspects is most important to you?

1. Increasing Token Price & Value

2. Empowering Platform Development

3. Building Community Trust

4. Expanding Partnerships Globally

We think all of them are very important, and we are working on them. The most important goal of LookRev is empowering people to build wealth using their creativity and letting people build their futures using the technological tools that we provide them. Blockchain technology, internet technology and other technologies are created by people, to serve people.

WBE: Where can I buy your tokens now? What are your current contracts, how can I buy them?

Right now is a great opportunity to purchase LOOK and LOOKNFT. The contracts are verified on Bscscan, and you can find the addresses of the contracts at the LooksCoin marketplace.

If you missed the opportunity when cryptokitties and unisock came out, you don’t want to miss this opportunity with LOOKNFT.

WBE: Do token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on?

LOOKNFT owners can vote for decisions on their product branch using smart contracts.

WBE: What is the strategy used by Your Project to attract new users and investors and keep them in the long term?

The LookRev P2P marketplace rewards people for referrals. The referral credit system is integrated in the apps, and coin rewards are distributed using smart contracts.

WBE: What are your marketing strategies and how do you plan on implementing global adoption? How do you intend on getting more users, community members and investments from all parts of the world, including non-English-speaking communities? Do you have any ambassadors or referral programs?

Yes, our users and coin holders come from all over the world. We are actively seeking and collaborating with ambassadors and influencers to promote the project.


Thanks everyone for attending this AMA. Please feel free to reach out to us at https://t.me/lookrevcommunity if you have other questions.