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Build Wealth Using LOOKNFT

Build wealth using LOOKNFT. LookRev is a P2P design-to-sell marketplace where you can hold tokenized ownership of product lines using NFTs, share ongoing profits and contribute to earn credits.

Like each leaf on a branch is unique, each LOOKNFT has a unique tokenID and holds a unique position on a product line.

A creative line may have hundreds of contributors, including designers, product makers, distributors and marketers, each contributing in their own way to the creation, production and sale of creative products, and each sharing the profits from the sales.

Because the tokenized ownership is secured by the blockchain network, and the profit sharing is conducted using smart contracts, people don’t have to worry about being left out of the profit distribution. This builds a trustworthy foundation for collaboration.

LOOKNFT Increases Value with Time

The value of a product line grows with time, as more and more creative products are made and sold. So does the value of its LOOKNFT tokens.

LOOKNFT holds its base value, and continuously increases in value with time. NFT owners also receive regular profit sharing, so it is a good source of passive income.

The genesis LOOKNFT is the first generation NFT. The earlier generation NFTs receive portions of profit sharing from later generations of NFTs, and the NFTs on the main branches receive portions of profit sharing from the subbranches. Thus earlier generations of LOOKNFT generally have higher value than later generations.

You can find, buy and sell LOOKNFT at the LooksCoin marketplace.

When you sell the LOOKNFT you own, you can list it at your own price. You can sell it for native tokens (BNB on Binance Smart Chain), or let buyers swap it with stable coins (BUSD, WETH), or other cryptocurrencies, directly in the marketplace.

LOOKNFT is in compliance with ERC721 standards, and it can be stored in any DeFi wallet as an NFT token.

In general, LOOKNFT is an excellent way for you to get long term investment returns for your time and money and receive passive income.

Get your LOOKNFT today, and take ownership of your future.