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How to Spend and Swap $LOOK

LooksCoin (LOOK) Usages

LOOK usages

LooksCoin is a functional utility token, it can be used to earn credits for contribution, purchase goods and services on LookRev marketplace, and vote for branch decisions.

How to Spend/Swap LOOK

You can spend LOOK tokens by swapping them into LOOKNFT or by purchasing products at the LooksCoin marketplace.

First you need to connect MetaMask wallet to the LooksCoin Dapp, and select Binance Smart Chain. After the Connect Wallet button changes to the Connected button on the upper right on the webpage, scroll down to view the LOOKNFT and product collections and find the one you like.

buy sell LOOKNFT

Scroll down to the Own Your LOOKNFT panel, and select an nftID (each NFT has an unique nftID) to view the pricing, listing and swapping information of the LOOKNFT. If you want to purchase it using BNB, click the Buy NFT (BNB) button.

If you want to swap LOOK into LOOKNFT, click the Approve To Swap button first. This will prompt MetaMask to ask for your approval to use LOOK for the swap. After the approval is confirmed, click on the Swap LOOKNFT (LOOK) button. MetaMask will prompt you and ask your permission to complete the transaction, and you need to click the Confirm button.

It will take a few seconds for the smart contract to process the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, your purchased/swapped LOOKNFT will be directly deposited into your MetaMask wallet. The transaction Tx will be displayed on the panel, and you will be able to verify the Tx on bscscan.com.

LOOKNFT is in compliance with ERC721 standards, and it can be stored in any DeFi wallet as an NFT token. You can also sell it as an NFT at LooksCoin marketplace or at other NFT marketplaces. Use the Update Listing button and enter your selling price when you want to sell your LOOKNFT at the marketplace.

DEX Listings

LooksCoin is listed on multiple DEXs. The pairs change from time to time.

You may need to add LooksCoin (LOOK) token to view the liquidity pairs.

LooksCoin (LOOK) contract address: 0x73cba57ad8bc775a5345d9a0de2e90c74621d802

How to Buy $LOOK

You can purchase LooksCoin (LOOK) tokens by using any of these options.

$LOOK Exchanges ( Binance Smart Chain )

$LOOK (BEP20) Contract: 0x73cba57ad8bc775a5345d9a0de2e90c74621d802


Link to Trading Pair


Link to Liquidity Pool


How To Buy $LOOK


Link to Liquidity Pool